We can now offer a photo restoration service.

Old family photos are often faded, scratched or torn. Many of these imperfections can be corrected and new prints made.  Below is a scan of an old photo of my grandad's first wife. She died shortly after the birth of their first child in 1930, so I presume that it dates from the 1920's.  As can be seen the surface has begun to break up and there are several scratches and crease marks.  As with many old black and white photos, it has also faded to a sepia colour.


Example Old PhotoBefore Restoration

With some photo restoration work, the resulting image is:

Restored Photo


The example demonstrates what can be done, but it is not possible to correct all imperfections.  In particular the following restrictions apply:

  • Missing details cannot be recreated.  Small areas may be extrapolated from neighbouring parts of the image, but a missing face is never going to reappear.
  • Out of focus areas in the original will still be out of focus in the restoration.  In the example above, the camera is focused a little forward of the ideal point, so the nearest arm is in focus but the other one is completely blurred.
  • Sometimes it is not possible to distinguish damage from detail. On the right hand side of the example the surface damage to the picture is difficult to distinguish from the pattern of the fabric.  In such situations I try to maintain the "look" of the image, rather than removing all the damage and all the pattern in the image with it.

Also note that in the example I have restored the sepia original to black and white. Some people prefer the sepia look. That is not a problem, it is easy to retain the original colouration.

If you have any old photos that you would like restored, contact me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to discuss your requirements.  Prices start from £12 for a straightforward restoration from a scanned original with the result printed on A4 sized glossy photo paper.